Location of the competition:
-The contest is totally online and on the social network instagram.

Conditions to be fulfilled to be part of the votes:
-Subscribe to the Heli Air Monaco page
-Post your best photo of our helicopters with the #jeuconcoursheliair
-Identify us

Start date and end date of participation:
-The contest begins when the post is published on the Heli Air Monaco Page on Instagram. Monday, March 7, 2023 at 12 p.m.
-The contest ends on Wednesday, March 29 at 4pm.

The prize :
-If all conditions are met
-The winner wins a scenic flight on our grouped flights
-There is only one place to win
-Grouped panoramic flights take place every weekend from April 2023 and every weekend from October to December 2023.
-The weekend includes Saturday and Sunday.
-The winner will be contacted by private message on Monday, April 3, 2023.
-The flight is departing from Monaco

Winner Designation:
-The winner is chosen by the Héli Air Monaco team on the criteria of the contest which are: the most beautiful photo.
-The choice depends on the entire jury anonymously, only on the judgment of the photograph itself.

Cancellation :
-Heli Air Monaco reserves the right to cancel or postpone the flight.
-The flight is valid only for the year 2023 on the dates of the grouped flights.

Image rights:
-By participating and publishing your photograph, you give the right to the company Héli Air Monaco to mention you and repost your photograph.

-All participants are subject de facto to French and Monegasque law.
-The contest is totally online and on the social network instagram. Instagram has however no connection with the organized contest, (and cannot be held responsible in any way), it is totally under the responsibility of the company Héli Air Monaco.